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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a warranty?
Although efforts will be made to ensure your car is in full working order when supplied, for extra peace of mind every car comes with a warranty of three months, during which time Go-DirectAutos will contribute towards any repair costs. Remuneration offered will depend upon the extent of wear and tear. Advice can also be given on extended warranty plans.

Can you offer part exchange on my old car?
Go-DirectAutos is happy to quote on a part exchange for your present car. The price will be confirmed upon delivery of your new car. Please provide an accurate description of your present car so that the quote can be as accurate as possible.

Where do the cars come from?
Go-Direct Autos buys cars from leasing companies, company car fleets, dealerships and private ownership.

Is it possible to see my car before delivery?
This is not usually practical. Be assured that care will be taken to buy a car that matches your requirements precisely.

Can I reject a car at delivery?
You may reject a car if you are not happy. However, the sourced car should precisely match your requirements and should be in excellent working order, so such a situation should not arise.

Do the cars have a service history?
All cars should come with a service history. In addition, most cars will come with an archive of MOT certificates, garage invoices and an HPI report (an HPI report will uncover whether a vehicle has been stolen, damaged in an accident or exported, among other checks).

Are cars taxed?
Most of the cars that supplied will not be taxed. However, by arrangement Go-DirectAutos can tax cars on your behalf prior to delivery.