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Puncture Repair Sealant Service

Go-DirectAutos can now install a puncture repair sealant as an additional service. Some tyre manufacturers supply self sealing tyres and these are now standard on the new Seat Alhambra for example.

These tyres have proved effective in combating punctures although they are more expensive than a standard tyre.

Go-DirectAutos can now roll out a British made repair solution for insertion in any make of tyre.

The advantages include:

  1. Can self seal multiple punctures with no loss of pressure.
  2. Can self seal a tyre after suffering a nail puncture up to 6mm in diameter.
  3. Ideal for a car where there is no provision for a spare wheel, or where a spare is not provided by the manufacturer and buying a space saver is a costly exercise.
  4. Lasts the lifetime of the tyre and not like the repair foam which is a "get you home" temporary fix and then would require a new tyre fitting.
  5. The tyre behaves normally after receiving the sealant and is does not create a stiffer ride like a "runflat" tyre.
  6. Greater heat dispersal.
  7. Typical cost for a family sized car is £40 for 4 wheels and should prove a good investment.